Leading Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Research in Africa

You are welcome to partner with ISDS on your research, policy or training needs. Through training, research and consultancy, we raise awareness about the causes, symptoms and care of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in order to improve the attitudes of people towards the disabled in Nigeria and Africa. 

Research Areas

At ISDS, we have an experienced and strategic international coalition of disability and social inclusion academics, researchers, clinicians, psychiatrists, who collaboratively or individually work on different disability related projects in line with the School’s objectives. We have a team of researchers with expertise in the following research themes

Featured Projects

We work with various clients and stakeholders on research projects, policy drafts, disability reviews, capacity building training and more. Here are some of our featured projects. 


We provided expert research consultation for a DFID (now FCDO) funded research and capacity-building project in Nigeria.

The capacity building aspect of the project entailed delivering two workshops for Propcom Mai-karfi on disability inclusiveness: one for key stakeholders and the other targeted at Propcom staff. The stakeholders workshop brought together participants from over twenty public and private sector organisations. Both workshops were platforms to sensitise participants on disability, share findings from research and experiences, and consolidate efforts to promoting disability inclusion. At the end of the workshops, participants developed strategies to improve inclusion of people with disabilities in their organisations and projects.

The research angle of the project saw Dr Sango using her expertise in the disability field to guide the research investigation while working with ISDS consultant Roy Deveau as well as both Propcorm Mai Karfi and Africird Team. At the end of the project, Dr Sango led the writing up and publication of some of the findings from the research project.

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Launched in 2003, the University of Strathclyde Law Clinic aims to provide access to justice in Glasgow and the surrounding areas. They work in partnership with various other organisations to assist vulnerable groups by offering advice and representation to assist their clients with their legal problems.

We completed a pro bono expert report on disability in Nigeria for the Strathclyde Law Clinic in 2018 with follow on expert advice relating to the conditions of disabled people in Nigeria through to 2019.

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Books2Africa’s mission is to promote a culture of ‘readcycling’ and improve the quality of education in Africa, through the collection, processing, shipping and distribution of quality books, computers and educational materials that equip individuals, institutions, and communities to acquire knowledge and achieve their full potential in a globalised world. We supported Books2Africa with the development of its diversity and inclusion company policies which ensures that guidelines exist so that vulnerable employees are protected in the workplace.

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